So where is Brian?

kansas roads

So where is Brian?

Well sort of in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal as there is nobody there….


Actually he’s approaching Ness City in the windy state of Kansas, that also appears to be rather warm especially after the frozen mountains….

Ness City (pop 1400) is 2340 miles into the race and is best known for its four-story Old Ness County Bank Building located downtown, and nicknamed Skyscraper of the Plains.

Next up on Route K96 is Alexander which in its heyday was a trading post for trappers, buffalo hunters, wild horse wranglers, and other early Westerners such as Buffalo Bill Cody, George Custer,…

The route then takes a huge right angled turn South on to the K183 after 50 miles at Rush Centre (pop 180). The town is best known for its right turn… The temperature at lunchtime today was 32C.

Another 20 miles on the route takes another right angled turn to Fort Larned a National Historic Site; the fort operated from 1859 to 1878 to protect traffic along the Santa Fe Trail from hostile American Indians,


Around 250 miles (pretty much in a straight line) from Ness City comes the town of Eureka….best known for being half flattened by a tornado in July 2016.