JSNT Endurance Coaching – 15 Years of Helping YOU achieve!

Brian & Stacey finishing Race Across America in 2008 only the second mixed pair to make the nine day time cut off in 30 years of the race.

Who We Are

Brian Welsh the man behind JSNT is a Level III BTF Coach, ex-BTF Tutor and athlete. Brian has been a full time coach for 15 years. So he understands what to do, how to tell you to do it and how much it takes to get to the level you want to be at.

Stacey Welsh the woman behind the ‘Man’. She is qualified BCF Level II & BTF Level 1 Coach, an athlete and the voice of ‘reason’ in JSNT. She has represent her adopted country at triathlon in age group world championships, as well as finishing four Norseman Extreme and many other IM’s.

What We Believe In

JSNT believe that everyone can achieve far more than they think they can. Having coached 100+ IM finishers, triathlon first timers, runners and ultra runners, cyclists and ultra cyclists, swimmers.

It takes three things, the want, effort and a plan. We have the ‘personalised plan’ you need to provide the want and effort.

JSNT Activities

Coaching - swimming, cycling and running technique sessions


Wellness: Weight loss, diets and personal training to be healthy


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