It’ll be rite…..


So after finishing the 4300 mile Transam Race, Brian quite rightly has been in a state of hibernation recovering but what most people didn’t realise was that race was a warm up for the main event…. The Cycling Time Trials National 24 hour race.

This iconic race also known as The Mersey Roads 24hr (is nowadays a RAMM qualifier) and has a long history; riders start at 1 minute intervals on the Saturday afternoon and ride as far as they can over a variety of loops before moving on to a short  finishing circuit where their distance is taken at 24hrs. The distance is then calculated and whoever has gone the furthest wins….The men’s record stands at 532.81 miles!

It is also exceptional value for money at a suffering rate of only £1.33 per hour and with free tea and cake at the end.

In Brian’s words:-

“With 8 days to go before the start of the MR 24h, my legs don’t know if after finishing Trans Am 3.5 weeks ago if they will be able to perform.

I think I’ve got the physical sorted pretty well apart from the numb hands and feet. It is more whether the mind can not only cope with pushing for that amount of time, but actually stay awake without my normal afternoon nap  :-). Since coming home, I have slept around 8 hours each night but also had a 2 hour nap during the afternoon.

On the plus side I’m racing as a member of South Pennine Road Club, we have 3 riders riding and it is 3 riders to complete to score as a team. So no pressure then…. (JSNT coach) Russell Carter & Nigel Briggs……… are the main part of the team and I will hang in to see what I can do to help”

Russell’s thoughts:-


Well it seemed like a good idea for some Ironman training when I entered but events have conspired against me recently so any semblance of speed has now vanished completely and my current strategy is to try and ignore the fact it is creeping up quickly….. after all what could possibly go wrong?

Brian and Russell share the same cunning race plan:-

Start slowly, Slow down, Bleat a lot, Play what bit is going to hurt next, Eat too many gels, Be sick, get off, silently weep a bit, apply huge amounts of chamois cream… eventually get back on and crawl to the finish before falling off.

South Pennine Member Nigel has ridden this event several times and will be the strongest team member fuelled by his secret weapons of mileage destruction… mini pork pies and cherry tomatoes….

Luckily Brian and Russ will be supported by Jenny, Ruth, Dave and Horace the bear all experienced Race Across America crew members who will be based at the Prees Heath roundabout near Wrexham where the various loops go off from.. well if they stay out of the 24 hour transport cafe that is…