A short history:

In 2000 I stopped being a senior logistics manager and started coaching full time.

Why, two main reasons, firstly I had done everything I wanted to do in the corporate world. Secondly, I wanted to work with people I liked and people who liked me. So my motto is, ‘I won’t coach anyone I wouldn’t go for a drink with.’ This works really well for me, but more importantly for the people I coach.

Four coached athletes with the coveted Norseman Black ‘T’ shirt. Stacey finished 5th lady.
Four coached athletes with the coveted Norseman Black ‘T’ shirt. Stacey finished 5th lady.

I need to be as interested in what you are trying to achieve as you are.  It does not matter if it is a 5km or a 100-mile race, a sprint triathlon or an IM. A 10-mile TT or RAAM, if you’re committed so am I.

How It Starts

For years I only advertised by ‘word of mouth’, however now we are in the computer age and everyone is on the internet, we have this website. For me this is only so you can stumble across me, this will not be our main form of communication.

1.      Stage one, you send me an email at expressing interest in being coached, whether by me or someone else.

2.      I reply to your email, and will enclose an athlete profile form. When you return this, I know you are serious about wanting to achieve your goal or you can download the form from here.

3.      We then either arrange to meet, or we Skype/Facetime depending on your location and we discuss your ‘profile’. By the end of this conversation you will have an idea about whether you want to be coached by me and I will know enough about you, to know whether I can help in your quest.

4.      I write my first monthly plan for you, which is on ‘Google Sheets’ so your reporting is in real time. This first plan will not be perfect, I don’t know you as well as I will, but it will be a start.

5.      We discuss the plan by Skype/Facetime; make any changes that we need to do, live!

6.      You pay me.

7.      After the first month we decide if we want to continue.

What Systems Do We Use?

(Click on each System below to read more information)

In Summary

All these systems and coaching techniques are available to the general public, what I do is not magic. However I have spent 15 years learning not only the systems, but also how to put them together with an athlete to achieve results.

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