The final push to the sea….

Well here we go, the final map and a big push from Brian who is very relived to be away from the red neck drivers of Kentucky….

He’s just rode through 3900 miles at Blackburg a decent sized town that was founded in 1671 and sits in the tree covered Allegheny Mountains of Virginia.Allegheny Mountains

After various small towns dotted through the mountains, the next place of note is Charlotteville, a pretty town known for its buildings and street markets. Charlotteville has a four-season humid subtropical climate with all months being well-watered, with sadly the current month being the wettest. Another soaking for Brian I suspect.


From there the route drops South East to skirt the centre of Richmond. The town has a long history and was where Patrick Henry delivered his “Liberty or Death” speech at St. John’s Church helping to ignite the American Revolution…


From Richmond its just a short 70 mile spin to the finish at Yorktown monument.

Brian’s finish time is currently estimated to be 01:29:22 PM (PDT) on the 28th    or 20:28 GMT on Weds.

yorktown monument