CTT National 24hr Time Trial…. what could possibly go wrong?


So here we go…. Hot from finishing Transam, Brian has just jumped on Sleazyjet to fly the UK ready for tomorrow’s CTT National 24hr Time Trial… for those not familiar with the concept it’s JUST ride your bike for 24hr hours (no drafting)  and whoever goes the furthest wins…

Brian and JSNT coach Russell are making up a team for South Pennine Road Club with experienced 24hr tester Nigel Briggs.

In the same race of truth, the Championship winner in 2015 and 2016, Michael Broadwith leads the Arctic Tacx RT squad in their attempt on the 24-hour Competition Team Record set last year at 1,547.50 miles. The team have drafted in Steve Abraham who is currently trying to break the greatest miles cycled in a year record to boost their chances…..

This year 80, male, female riders and 4 tandems are racing with the last tandem being piloted by Hoppo fresh from the completing the Race Across America.

Starting 42 minutes after Brian, Russell will have the pleasure of being ‘chicked’ within minutes by Lynne Biddulph 17 times a winner of the Mersey Roads `24’ who starts 4 minutes behind him…..

Whilst the event has a new start HQ and finish loop the course remains pretty much the same as in previous years with the winners picking up a prize of close to £800 if they also happen to break the men’s National record of 541.17 miles or Women’s record from 1993 of 461.45 miles.

That’s of course if the weather is kind… most riders seem to checking the forecast about 30 times a day currently, whilst deciding how much kit they need and if they will to swap to standard road bikes for the night hours..horace

RAAM crewmates Jenny & Horace will be attempting to update Facebook with how it’s going throughout the race ably assisted by Ruth & Dave from Brian’s last Raam crew…