JSNT RAAM 2018 – Over 60’s Team

  On June 16th this year the JSNT team, consisting of four riders, one woman and three men, will start the 3069 mile/4938km journey from Oceanside, CA (coast coast) to Annapolis, MD (east coast). For our team Julia Hodkinson, Tim & Mick Atkinson and Myself this is not our first […]

Ride faster...

Average 13.1mph….

13.1mph average speed over the next 321 miles… nothing less will do. That’s the harsh maths of it. Brian has to reach TS35 at the Mississippi River by Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 3pm EDT (….Start + 192 Hours) to make the cut off. Ride a faster average speed & he […]

Apply Rule #5…

Today has been another epic day…. Despite the gradual drops in altitude Brian has had to battle some strong head & cross winds. Both energy and morale has suffered as a result and a section which took just over 2 hours in 2011 has taken over 5 hours today. Charlotte […]

Slow is faster than stop, get out on your bike!!

Slow is faster than stop, get out on your bike!! Jim Rees (solo RAAM finisher). Today has been an epic… After climbing through Monument valley with The Beatles Taxman over the loudspeaker system, Mr Welsh has suffered greatly tackling the rolling roads at altitude and has become somewhat grumpy in […]

Ahead of schedule…

The good news continues… By time station 17, Brian was 2 hours ahead of his 2011 ride having cover 20 miles more to reach the same point. Quote from Brian “My arse feels like a pumpkin” At 17:00 BST Brian had crossed The Rio Grande River and the 1000 miles […]

yarnell grade

Route profile

To The Continental Divide & beyond…

Whilst it’s still early in the race, for a moment we were a little concerned in the UK to discover Brian had fallen an hour behind his 2011 race time to TS 13. However on closer inspection we found it was 21 miles further to get there on this version…. […]

Stuck Rv, a broken arm and Brian rides on….

Before we get on to Brian, we have to mention the stunning ride that race leader Christophe Strasser is doing. So far he has set a new RAAM one day mileage record of 510 miles! To follow that up he has now ridden over 800 miles with an average speed […]

The Mexican Hat


It ain’t half hot….

To recap a little, Brian has passed through the Cactus Plain (an area of semi stable sand dunes) and entered the Colorado River Indian Reservation. Having reached TS4 at Parker, Arizona, Brian was in 5th place (of 14) in his category (M50-59) but things change greatly as riders take sleep […]

Riding through the desert on a bike with no name…

The solo riders have had to start at one minute intervals in true time trial style (as long as the old gits at the British Road Time Trial Council don’t get in on the act trying to inspect bikes & clothing it should all be fine)…. Brian’s start is 13:21 […]

Hollywood pose…

It’s nearly time to leave the ‘June Gloom’ of Oceanside (whose major claim to fame is that In 1942 Bob Hope ate dinner at the 101 Café….).   Today has been spent doing press photos; where Brian was coaxed in to striking the Scouse version Hollywood pose and having the […]