Keep moving forwards…


Keep moving forwards…, Keep moving forwards what ever the speed… that’s what Brian is having to think today has he contends with horrendous icy head winds. Having  taken 9 hours to cover just 65 miles (7.2mph) Brian still has 40 to go To get to Yellowstone Park, food, warmth and rest. 

Things are starting fail now on the bike and physically (knees) due to the relentless slog today. Brian had always planned a longer spell off the bike to sleep properly, refuel and do some maintenance. Yellowstone is going to be it.

On the race front, if we can count correctly, Brian is in 28th place, with 71 riders behind him. Of those 32 have yet to hit 1000 miles. so far 30 people have scratched from the race. There are 7 women still riding.

And then it started with the horizontal rain, but luckily Brian’s last minute purchase of a new Gore jacket seems to be up to the job so far….

Keep moving forwards…, Keep moving forwards…..

Update (07:00 BST Sat…) Brian has reached West Yellowstone, Montana (yes he’s nipped into another state now) on the edge of the park and stopped there with 1291 miles covered.

West Yellowstone holds the US record for the coldest recorded temperature in a town at -54C