Endless roads and a not so Golden City

golden city

Brian is currently 20 miles from Marshfield in Missouri (the town is best known for Astronomer Edwin Hubble) having spent last night sleeping surprisingly comfortably in a ditch having found Golden City to be little more than a ghost town… Brian has rechristened it Shitty City after riding from 8am to 8pm and 214 miles to get there.


I have a feeling this maybe a common occurrence for the next day; not too many miles away is Odin…. It’s claim to fame? The post office closed in 1915

Hartville follows some 30 miles away (flattened by a Tornado in 1959). Then comes a long drag to Bendavis; named after a type of apple… it at least has a general store.

The route continues in a similar manner skirting Houston in Texas County (still in Missouri) to arrive at Yukon and at this point even Google is struggling!

Missouri roads

Unfortunately one rider (who Brian had dinner with 2 days before the start) has died after being hit by a car… our sympathy goes to his friends and family…


Brian has covered 2769 miles and lies in 27th place. Out of 131 riders 57 have now scratched…. Keep on spinning Brian!

Ps A nice lady called Wendy just gave these to Brian for breakfast…

free food