Trains, pains and rains….


Brian hasn’t managed such a great mileage so far today but now has a few stories to tell…

Having passed 2500 miles he arrived at the famous Newton Bike Shop where he got his bike serviced, unfortunately this took around 7 hours but on the plus side it allowed Brian time to eat, download 2 out of 3 Garmins on to Strava; so it looks like this is really happening folks J. He also had time to get 4 hours sleep in…. along with 3 other riders who had also landed there.


Having left the bike shop a couple of miles later Brian got stopped by the biggest train he’s ever seen, it took 20 mins to trundle past.

11 miles from the bike shop a lightning storm started and Mr Welsh got a though soaking, knocking on a door, Brian found a couple still clearing up the mess from last week’s huge storm but they went out of their way to feed him and dry his clothes…


Setting off in the dry again, Brian made it 10 miles further before being pelted with large hailstones and made it into a church entrance waiting for the now heavy rain to pass over… in a quick chat, Brian said his backside was remarkably OK but he was suffering from sore feet and hands but they were manageable.

Brian is about 180 miles from Pittsburg.