The Good Samaritan…


Late yesterday evening I looked at Brian’s tracker (for about the 30th time that day) and thought that must be another steep hill or he’s bonked (run out energy) as he’s crawling along.

I was wrong with both guesses… Brian was flying along when he had come across one of the ladies in the race in tears by the side of the road.  Mr Welsh did the decent thing and rode slowly with her for the next 10 miles before she stopped in a small town and quit the race despite technically having time to finish. Chapeau Sir!


Brian then faced slogging up the next hill which was 109 miles long…. Yes you read that correctly!

It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to eat enough and at the right times due to the vast areas of emptiness the riders are travelling through and lack of even basic facilities. Getting provisions should get easier over the next 100 miles as the small communities become more frequent along the highway.

Overnight Brian passed through the 1000 mile mark, and as I write this he’s sleeping at Hamilton having crossed in to Montana as the route continues to snake from valley to valley heading for Yellowstone Park (Yogi Bear country).