Just rewards….

Well it sounds like Brian got his reward for being a good Samaritan yesterday; having set off with the small group of riders travelling at roughly the same speed, they battled for  just over 10 miles in to a screaming headwind.

25% done

Feeling the need for breakfast before they blew up, Brian and Anton (the guy he’s riding in the vicinity of currently) decided to stop at a roadside diner. Service was so slow that Brian had time to oil his bike and rumour has it give it a wipe down with a damp rag (there is no documentary evidence of the latter action though).

Eventually having been served, they set off again only to find the stop had been so long the wind had changed direction and now they had a brilliant tailwind.

The others who hadn’t stopped were caught in short order by now absolutely knackered and Mr Welsh sailed on by rapidly distancing them 😉


Since last night Brian has reached 1185 miles; 100 miles past the 25% distance mark. He’s averaging 207 miles a day and currently sleeping (11:00 Fri BST) at 5112ft above sea level (higher than anywhere in the UK). The high point is still a couple of days off at around 11,000ft high.


Brian says that where he has stopped for the night is the prettiest town so far…. Sheridan is known as the “heart of the Ruby Valley.” Seven majestic mountain ranges surround this beautiful community. (Tobacco Root Range, Highlands Mountains, McCartney Mountain, The Pioneers, The Ruby Range, The Gravellies and the Snowcrest Range) The geology of the area includes some of the oldest rocks dating back over 2.7 billion years. The Ruby River winds through the valley just west of the town.