3000 miles up and Popeye…


Very shortly Mr Welsh will have passed the 3000 mile mark.

Mark Twain Forest National

He’s currently skirting The Mark Twain National Forest and the 3000 mile mark will come up at Farmington in Missouri; which, sadly seems to have little to recommend stopping for…

A further 50 miles or so on, Brian will cross the bridge over the Mississippi River just before reaching the home town of Popeye….Chester in Illinois.

Mississippi River

The town boasts a 6ft bronze statue honouring the cartoon character’s creator Elzie Segar who hailed from the town and based many of the cartoon’s other characters (who also have statues around the town) on local people.  

From there Brian faces a long empty slog through the tiny community of Campbell Hill on to Murphysboro (whose claim to fame seems to be repeatedly destroyed by tornados and wind storms). 


The total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will have its point of longest duration (2 minutes, 41.7 seconds) 4 miles southwest of Murphysboro….

1400 miles to go….