The Summer Solstice and the longest ride


On Weds (21st) the day of the Summer solstice, Brian took advantage of the long daylight hours by riding for 23 hours with lots of dog enforced sprint intervals before stopping to sleep.


The day after the weather struck again and sometime was spent sheltering in a lean to as the drivers didn’t seem to care about the safety of any cyclists in the rain.


He is now close to having covered 3500 miles of the advertised race distance of 4300 miles as he approaches the small town of Harrodsburg in Kentucky. The area was the scene of many battles during the American Civil War and is known for its picturesque buildings.


Next up is the tiny community of Bryantsville which is little more than a bridge and a couple of houses. The route continues as an endless sea of annoying rollers, each of which saps the legs a little more especially in the steamy heat.

At Wytheville, Brian crosses into Virginia (the town was the scene of a Polio epidemic during the summer of 1950 with 184 cases).


At the rate Brian is currently moving at we are looking at late Monday / Tuesday for a finish…. here’s for a tailwind for the last push!

The way ahead… 


PS. the next map has the sea on it!


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